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Aquashine - Hydrophobic Rinse Coating 1gal

Aquashine - Hydrophobic Rinse Coating 1gal

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A hydrophobic rinse coating concentrate which protects paintwork and trim and leaves a glossy, streak-free finish. Ideal for use in the wash process for fewer water spots and better water beading. Dilutes up to 250:1. (can mix into 250 gallons of water)

  • Leaves a glossy, water repellent finish on all exterior surfaces
  • Reduces water spots and streaks for a superior finish
  • Faster rinsing and drying saves time
  • Easier re-clean, supports regular washing
  • Great smelling premium fragrance

Silicone Free


Spray Application: Apply to a cool, clean surface at a dilution between 100:1 and 250:1 depending on surface before rinsing off with water. Do not allow to dry on. For best results dry surface using a drying towel.

 1 GAL

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