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Cobalt+ - Si02 Ionic Nano Spray Sealant 1gal

Cobalt+ - Si02 Ionic Nano Spray Sealant 1gal

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Cobalt+ is a highly versatile Si02 spray sealant, using unique Ionic Nano technology.

  • For use on ceramic coated surfaces or quality paintwork
  • Fast and easy results on wet and dry vehicles
  • Gives an instant deep shine
  • Highly durable, seals and protects paintwork
  • Can be used all over the vehicle (avoid windshields)
  • Dust free, will not mark trim

Contains Silicone


Cobalt+ is designed for new and quality used paintwork, ceramic coatings, PPF, decals and vehicle wraps. Apply to cool, clean surface. Shake well, apply sparingly as a fine spray and wipe over surface. Buff to a high shine using a dry microfiber cloth. For best results apply product to the cloth rather than the vehicle when treating small areas. On wet vehicles apply sparingly using a sprayer to all exterior surfaces excluding the windshield. Do not allow to dry. Wipe over surface with a drying towel to ensure an even coating of product and remove excess water. Buff to a high shine using a dry microfiber cloth. Where use of a drying towel is not possible rinse with water and allow to dry naturally. In the event of the product drying on the surface use a damp microfiber cloth to remove residue.


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