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Highfoam Plus - Advanced Vehicle Foam Cleaner 1qt

Highfoam Plus - Advanced Vehicle Foam Cleaner 1qt

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A high foaming vehicle exterior cleaner, perfect for general foam cleaning. Highfoam Plus is trim safe and will not dull brightwork, polished aluminum or trim. Contains gloss enhancers to leave a shiny finish. 

A perfect choice for vehicles requiring an active but gentle clean from a snowfoam shampoo. Highfoam Plus is the perfect hybrid of cleaning power mixed with gentle foam.

  • Advanced cleaning with gloss enhancers
  • Effective on traffic film, bug splatter and general grime
  • Surface safe formulation suitable for use on polished trim and brightwork
  • Suitable for all foaming and wash equipment
  • Works as a Pre-wash for ceramic coating preparation
  • Safe to use on ceramic coated vehicles

Silicone Free

Phosphate free


Hot use: dilute 1:40 to 1:100 Cold use: 1:20 to 1:80 Dilution rates will be affected by degree of soiling and local water hardness. Use dilution restrictors for optimum control. In hot weather prewet vehicle with water. Apply product from bottom up. Rinse with water. Do not allow product to dry. 


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