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Duofoam+ - pH Balanced Snowfoam 1ltr

Duofoam+ - pH Balanced Snowfoam 1ltr

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Duofoam+ features next generation micro foam technology which can be applied using any domestic or professional pressure washer with a foam attachment or a foam gun. Duofoam+ small bubble size means more contact with the vehicle and a denser blanket of soft white foam to lift dirt and debris from the vehicle surface.

  • Designed especially to clean ceramic coated vehicles
  • Citrus infused cleaning action softens and removes dirt and surface contaminants
  • Stable, high cling formulation maximizes contact time with dirt and debris
  • Can be used as a pre-wash for heavily soiled vehicles or as a foam shampoo on lightly soiled or pre-washed vehicles
  • pH balanced formulation will not remove wax or harm paint protection systems. Suitable for use with Ceramic coatings and conventional paint protection systems

Silicone Free


For best results do not use in direct sunlight and ensure the vehicle is cool to the touch.

If necessary, rinse the vehicle to remove heavy dirt and loose debris.

Apply using foam equipment – fill the bottle with neat product and adjust dilution to suit using the chemical control valve on the lance. If no control valve is present or for injector based systems then we recommend the Duofoam+ is used at a dilution of between 20:1 & 80:1; higher concentrations will give a richer, thicker foam with a better cling while higher dilutions will give a lighter, thinner foam for a faster rinse.

To use as a Pre-Wash

Apply a rich, even layer of foam to the vehicle from the bottom up. Leave for up to 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Do not allow product to dry onto vehicle.

To use as a Foam Shampoo

Apply a thin, even layer of foam then agitate using a wash mitt and rinse with water.


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