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Tango - Deep Gloss Spraywax 1qt

Tango - Deep Gloss Spraywax 1qt

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A unique versatile spray wax and cleaner. Quickly cleans out soiling and leaves a wet look shine on door jambs, under hood and trunk areas etc. Turns any hydrophillic surface to hydrophobic (non water-beading to water-beading) fast and easy! Also perfect as a speed wash and wax. Can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

  • Cleans and waxes in one operation
  • Ideal for inaccessible areas
  • Suitable for most decorative surfaces such as paint, metal and plastics
  • Perfect for door jambs, under hood and trunk areas

Contains Silicone


Buff off with a soft cloth. Ideal for vinyl trim, spoilers, headlights, door jambs, laminates, wood and most decorative surfaces. Do not allow chemical to dry on paintwork. Buff off after application. Speed wash & wax : For a high gloss, water beading finish, apply Tango with an Autosmart sprayer at a dilution between 3:1 and 10:1, then sponge over vehicle if desired. Rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose pipe & towel dry.

For use as a deep gloss spray wax mist onto paintwork and buff off with soft microfiber cloth. Change cloths once saturated for streak free results.


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