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Evo Ultra - Ultra-Fine Polish 1ltr

Evo Ultra - Ultra-Fine Polish 1ltr

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Ultra-Fine Polish

Ultra-fine compound for the permanent removal of holograms, micro scratches and hazing. Leaves a perfect high gloss finish.

  • Ultra-fine diminishing abrasive
  • Low dust
  • Free from silicone and fillers
  • Design for machine or manual use

Silicone Free

EvoX is based on latest generation abrasives that have extreme diminishing cut properties. Our best compound and polish products yet!

This means EvoX products deliver higher levels of cut combined with an improved finish.
Faster scratch and hologram / swirl removal
Improved high gloss finish
Faster and easier to use
Less dust
No silicone or fillers means they're body shop safe
Less products, simplified range
Optimized for current market trends: for use with DA and ceramic preparation


Shake bottle. Apply using an orbital (D/A) or rotary polisher, gradually increasing speed to a maximum of 1000rpm. Work surface until the desired finish has been achieved. Re-apply product if pad starts to stick. Finish by wiping over surface with a microfiber cloth. Manual use: apply sparingly with a polishing sponge or lint free cloth, and buff to a deep shine with a microfiber cloth. 


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